Seasonal Cooking-July — jovina cooks

Multiple varieties of peppers are abundant in my area at the Farmers’ Market and in my neighbors’ gardens. Take advantage of this great crop and make some delicious recipes. Peppers are easy to freeze. Remove the seeds and cut into sizes that you like to use. Place them in ziplock freezer bags to use in […] … Continue reading Seasonal Cooking-July — jovina cooks

Late Summer Cookout

Making a BBQ dinner for friends is a great way to entertain, especially if the weather cooperates. I enjoy having guests for dinner and I usually plan my menu with dishes that can be prepared ahead of time. That way I am able to spend time with friends rather than doing a lot of food […] … Continue reading Late Summer Cookout

Cooking The Mediterranean Countries-Greece

The Mediterranean countries include France, Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal along the north; Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and Israel on the east; and the African countries of Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia on the south. The Mediterranean countries utilize many of the same ingredients but each country has a unique way of creating recipes with … Continue reading Cooking The Mediterranean Countries-Greece

What To Cook In February

The fish cakes look really good.

What Is In Season In February?

Thank you for sharing,the Stuffed Acorn Squash looks awesome