Incense Bundle Sale

Special Deal on Incense Bundles is now available while supplies last Each bundle will have assorted packages of 5 sticks of Incense focused on a specific subject such as protection, money, floral, citrus, etc…This is a special offer running from May 15th Through June 15th.The Incense bundles for May 15th - May 30th are: Floral … Continue reading Incense Bundle Sale

How To Work With the Magical Element Of Air

The element of air is all around us, but many people don’t feel connected with it (as compared to the other elements). I believe this is because air is invisible, unlike earth, fire, and water. We simply can’t see it most of the time. On top of that, many people only think about the physical … Continue reading How To Work With the Magical Element Of Air

Ritual for the Burning of the World — The Druid’s Garden

As I write these words, fires are ravaging Australia. It’s a bleak situation, ecologically and politically. The firest at this point are about the combined size of the entire state of West Virginia and are all through the entire continent, particularly along the coasts. Ecologically, this is a disaster with severe and long-ranging consequences for […] … Continue reading Ritual for the Burning of the World — The Druid’s Garden

Labradorite — Crystal Dawn

This stone will stand you in good stead if you are an adventurer exploring far of lands, places alchemical, spiritual, artistic, and dreamy or if you are a Pisces. Use Labradorite wherever you cast your spells. Use it whenever you have lost your faith in magic. The world is a weird, wonderful, whimsical, watery rock […] … Continue reading Labradorite — Crystal Dawn

Rosemary To Cleanse Bad Chi — Woosah Zen

Use rosemary for cleansing, peace of mind, release psychic, spiritual and even physical purification. The most prevalent way to use herbs in feng shui for your home is potted plants. You can also use herbal essential oils in a diffuser or incense. Rosemary is very well known to cleanse invisibles vibrations, unwanted influences, and “keep out” evil spirits. It has excellent … Continue reading Rosemary To Cleanse Bad Chi — Woosah Zen