How To Work With the Magical Element Of Air

How To Work With the Magical Element Of Air

How To Work With the Magical Element Of Air

The element of air is all around us, but many people don’t feel connected with it (as compared to the other elements). I believe this is because air is invisible, unlike earth, fire, and water. We simply can’t see it most of the time. On top of that, many people only think about the physical and personal aspects of the element of air, such as the winds that blow and the breaths we take.

There’s a whole other world hidden in the air around us, which is known as the magical element of air. You could think of it as its own energetic realm, with spirits, energies, psychic messages, and connections to everything else in the world. It has the same corresponding traits as the physical and personal aspects of air, such as communication, change, beginnings, spirit, travel, expansion, and so on, but it’s one step beyond. It exists solely in the energetic realms, which are far more nebulous.

We live in the magical realm of air everyday, breathing it in and passing through it. It saturates our mindsets and spirits, but like fish in water, we aren’t conscious of it. Without training, it’s easy to ignore the subtle energies that tell us that it’s there, that it’s powerful, and that it wants to interact with us.

I’ve developed a few ways to work with the magical element of air to help other people get in touch with it. These techniques involve envisioning or imagining you can see it, but don’t be fooled into thinking that envisioning is mere fantasy. It’s a useful tool that helps us strengthen our minds and our magical work, especially when first dealing with things that are invisible to us. With time and practice envisioning the magical element of air, you may begin to see it for yourself.

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