Incense Bundle Sale

Special Deal on Incense Bundles is now available while supplies last Each bundle will have assorted packages of 5 sticks of Incense focused on a specific subject such as protection, money, floral, citrus, etc…This is a special offer running from May 15th Through June 15th.The Incense bundles for May 15th - May 30th are: Floral … Continue reading Incense Bundle Sale

Ravenhawk’s Ritual Boxes: Spring Equinox/Ostara — Ravenhawk’s| Magickal Products| Candles| Cloaks| Ritual Boxes|

Now taking orders for Ravenhawks Ritual Boxes for Spring Equinox/Ostara The theme for the Spring Equinox/Ostara Ritual Box will be prosperity.  The term prosperity according to means Success or the state of success, especially financial or material success.  [...]Ravenhawk’s Ritual Boxes: Spring Equinox/Ostara — Ravenhawk's| Magickal Products| Candles| Cloaks| Ritual Boxes|

12 Gifts for Offbeat, Sensitive, and Mystical People — Tess Whitehurst

A 2021 gift guide for the crystal-toting, animal-loving, and Tarot-reading types on your holiday shopping list. My brother recently told me I’ve “been into weird shit since 1992,” but quickly added that “it’s a feature, not a bug.” Which is his way of saying he loves me just the way I am: tarot cards, crystals,…12 Gifts … Continue reading 12 Gifts for Offbeat, Sensitive, and Mystical People — Tess Whitehurst

Ravenhawks’ Magazine Winter Holidays Sweepstakes

Ravenhawks' Magazine is sponsoring its first annual Winter Holidays Sweepstakes this year which will run from November 25th to January 5th. There will be weekly prize drawings,  every time you follow a blog on the list, visit a store on the list and join their mailing list and/or make a small purchase, your name/email address … Continue reading Ravenhawks’ Magazine Winter Holidays Sweepstakes

Winter Holiday Shopping with Ravenhawks’ and Friends

Winter Holiday Shopping from your seat Today in my little town we received our first significant snowfall of the season. Not much snow 2-3 inches, but it was beautiful, I am one of those people who love this time of year. I love winter. I spend more time outdoors in the winter than in the … Continue reading Winter Holiday Shopping with Ravenhawks’ and Friends