Fall Allergies ~ An Herbal Approach

Seasonal allergies can really get you down, and over-the-counter meds can knock you out. Try these natural herbal remedies to soothe pollen induced headaches, scratchy throats, chapped skin, and more. As allergy sufferers, we’re acutely aware of seasonal changes in air quality. Earth’s reawakening in spring brings us welcome warmth, but it also delivers not-so-welcome … Continue reading Fall Allergies ~ An Herbal Approach

Aromatherapy Recipes for Combating Winter Stress and Blues

The winter solstice marks the longest night of the year.  Less light, cold days and the busy holiday season can leave some folk feeling exhausted and down.  Holiday eating and partying can leave one feeling sluggish.  This article contains aromatherapy recipes for combating winter stress and blues. Stress may result in tiredness, headaches, insomnia, depression, … Continue reading Aromatherapy Recipes for Combating Winter Stress and Blues

Meadowsweet tea recipe

A little information about what makes meadowsweet tea special. Meadowsweet or mead wort, is a perennial herb in the family Rosaceae that grows in damp meadows. It is native throughout most of Europe and Western Asia and the North Eastern United States. The whole herb possesses a pleasant taste and flavor, the green parts having a similar aromatic character … Continue reading Meadowsweet tea recipe