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Crabapple (Malus Sylvestris)


Crabapples are similar to dessert apples and cooking apples, they belong to the same genus – “Malus” – the main difference being the size of the fruit with crabapple being less than 2”. Crabapples are also much tarter than apples and they contain less sugar so cannot be fermented into alcohol. If you’re thinking of using them to make cider than you would probably want to use some regular apples along with them. You may find them too tart to eat raw and if you’re using them to make jellies or in desserts then you’ll need to add sugar. They are quite handy for making jellies as they contain lots of pectin.

Crabapples grow in North America, Europe and Asia. They can grow to around ten meters tall and live for as long as 100 years. They can be found in hedgerows and woods, although interestingly the crab apple grows singly and so unlike other trees you won’t find a group of crabapple trees together. It is also one of the few trees on which mistletoe grows. It can look quite twisted in appearance, creating interesting shapes with a wide-spread and has grey/brown flecked bark. It starts to blossom in the spring with the fruits being ready in the autumn. The blossom is attractive to bees and other insects who then pollinate it and birds and small mammals enjoy the fruit and then disperse the seeds.

Crabapple can be used in magick for any spells concerned with love, healing, promoting calm, balance, relief from anxiety or conflict. It is generally associated with the time of the autumn equinox and the planetary influence of Venus. It can be incorporated into magick for encouraging good fortune and improved security and well-being.

Crabapple is used both internally and externally to treat a range of conditions. A poultice can be made from the fruit to heal wounds and reduce inflammation and fever. The fruit acts as a laxative and so can help with constipation. It could help with rheumatism and may help with gout because of the malic acid in the fruit. The high pectin content of the fruit is also believed to assist with lowering cholesterol. You can make crabapple cider vinegar and apple cider vinegar has numerous health benefits and uses. There is a Bach Flower Remedy of crabapple which is used to address issues related to cleansing such as feeling the need to cleanse some part of oneself, low self-esteem or struggling to accept oneself.


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