Hollyhock Magick in your garden


The Latin name for Hollyhock is Alcea Rosea and it belongs to the Mallow family. Hollyhocks are perennial flowers that bloom from July to September and grow to around 2.5 meters tall. They like a sheltered, sunny spot – but not direct sunlight or too hot – and rich soil. They look beautiful growing against a wall in a cottage garden and come in a variety of colors: whites, yellows, pinks, reds and dark maroons. They also attract bees and butterflies.

The hollyhock is believed to have originated in the Mediterranean and introduced to Europe in the sixteenth century. There are references to it having been used by herbalists and the flowers, leaves and roots are all edible though they may not be particularly nice tasting. It can be used both internally and externally to treat a range of conditions. The roots contain vitamins and minerals, including iodine and can be made into a poultice to treat ulcers. They are also used to treat inflammation, bleeding wounds and even loss of appetite. The hollyhock is believed to help with bladder disorders and throat and bronchial problems.

In addition to medicinal uses, paper can be made from the stems of the hollyhock. The fibres are extracted and when mixed and processed, produce a tan-colored paper. The flowers can be used as food coloring and if you have your own yard or garden you can add them to your compost heap or get a ready-made powder containing hollyhocks to quicken the process needed to activate it and produce your compost.

Hollyhocks can be used in magickal work for any spells concerned with wealth and fertility. They can help with attracting money into your life, having a flow of money, any kind of material wealth and success and manifesting prosperity and abundance. You can plant them outdoors near the family home to help with family success and for everyone to grow and flourish and you can also use the flowers in potpourri inside the home. Hollyhocks are associated with Lammas and can be incorporated into celebrations to ensure fertility of the land and a good harvest.

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