The Ash Tree – Yggdrasil

Ash, or Fraxinus Excelsior to give it its Latin name is a tall, deciduous tree, native to Britain and Ireland and found all across Europe.  It grows between 10 and 30 meters high and has green leaves which turn pale yellow in the fall. The branches do not have any hairs or bristles and are grey/green … Continue reading The Ash Tree – Yggdrasil

Pear Tree

The pear tree – scientific name Pyrus – has been grown since 1000 years BC.  It can grow up to 17 meters high and there are around 30 different species producing fruit in a variety of greens, reds, yellows and brown colors.  It enjoys a nice sunny, sheltered spot that has good drainage.  Once planted … Continue reading Pear Tree


Crabapple (Malus Sylvestris)   Crabapples are similar to dessert apples and cooking apples, they belong to the same genus – “Malus” - the main difference being the size of the fruit with crabapple being less than 2”. Crabapples are also much tarter than apples and they contain less sugar so cannot be fermented into alcohol. … Continue reading Crabapple