Justice” is numbered XI in the Major Arcana of the tarot deck and shows a young woman sitting on a throne between two pillars and holding a sword raised upwards in her right hand and a set of weighing scales in her left hand pointed downwards. For me this card represents exactly what it says: justice, and all the nuances associated with that. This includes fairness, balance, the law of cause and effect, right and wrong, law and order, equilibrium, impartiality and integrity.

The sword in the hand of “Justice” is a double-edged one which can cut both ways reminding us that justice is impartial and non-judgemental. Swords in the tarot can represent thoughts and the mind and our right side is our logical, reasoning side and so we should bear in mind that justice requires clear, reasoned thinking in order to be fair but that this should also be combined with our intuition – represented by the balanced scales held in the left hand. The sense of balance is reinforced by the two pillars at each side of the card. There is a purple cloth behind the pillars and behind the figure of “Justice” and purple can signify good judgement and higher awareness.

If you are having a tarot reading to enquire about work or career matters and you draw “Justice” then it would indicate a need to get a clearer picture about your situation. It may be that you have been offered a new post or are thinking of changing careers and have a decision to make. If this is the case then it would help you to weigh up all the pros and cons and look at the situation as dispassionately and impartially as possible before coming to a conclusion. Perhaps you have encountered a challenging situation at work and have taken sides or hold a certain viewpoint. If “Justice” comes up then it suggests that you consider everything that’s going on very carefully and ensure that you have a true and clear picture so that you can act fairly and in your own best interests and those of anyone else involved. This card can also indicate a need to check that you have balance in your life and aren’t over-privileging work at the expense of the rest of your life. You need to find time to rest and have fun as well as working.

Perhaps you wish to enquire about a relationship and are wondering if it’s over. If you draw “Justice” then it suggests the answer is yes, it’s finished. Your question may be about whether the person is going to marry you. Again, the answer is yes. What this means is that “Justice” is about the end of one cycle and the beginning of another so it can equally be indicative of both marriage and divorce and you would need to look to the cards around to gain clarity and further information. Maybe you’re not in a relationship at the moment but would very much like to be. In this case “Justice” asks you to examine your desires carefully and look at what you truly want as a firm conviction and knowing will help it to appear more quickly in your life. If you’re simply waiting and hoping that a relationship will come along but you don’t particularly have a good relationship with yourself or really know what your heart’s desire is then it’s likely to be much more difficult for a relationship to materialise. You’ll get whatever it is you focus most on so it would help you to be clear about exactly what that is.

For questions relating to finances then “Justice” generally indicates a favourable outcome for you. It may be some deal you’ve been working on finally coming to fruition or you may get financially lucrative work or receive an unexpected windfall.

Justice” can also suggest that any legal issues you may be facing will be resolved in a way that is fair and just and should be in your favour. It will help you to think positively and also to behave in a way that’s fair. Again, we’re reminded of the double-edged sword and karmic justice – that we get back what we give out so be prepared for the consequences of your thoughts, emotions and actions.

If you have health concerns and draw “Justice” in your tarot reading then you’re invited to take a close look at all aspects of your life to ensure that you’re achieving balance. You may be over-eating, drinking too much, not sleeping sufficiently or over-working. So see what you need to do to bring things into harmony in the present moment because that is the only moment you really have.

The understanding about being in the here and now and that it is where your power of creation lies, applies to all aspects of your life. If you are firmly grounded in the present and centred in yourself you are more able to feel your connection to yourself and the world around you. You have a better understanding that yesterday has gone, tomorrow doesn’t exist yet so what you do have is the present, right here, right now and that your present is your gift so enjoy it.

Jillian is a professional tarot reader, energy healer and life coach, helping you move past blocks and obstacles and step into your own power so you can consciously and intentionally create the life you desire to live. Working internationally via Skype, phone and email. www.askjillian.net