Grain Harvest Recipe: Peach and Berry Cobbler

This week's grain harvest recipe features in-season fruits blueberries and peaches. Both blueberries and peaches are available here in Michigan to pick until mid-September. Again if you are picking blueberries in your favorite patch, remember the local black bear loves them too. Be polite and share, give the bear the bulk of the bushes as … Continue reading Grain Harvest Recipe: Peach and Berry Cobbler


BLACK TOURMALINE … IT’S ELECTRIC! Let’s face it… The world we live in today is absolutely beautiful, magical, and awe inspiring… But, there is also an immense amount of stress, negativity, and chaotic energy, not to mention electromagnetic frequencies that we have to deal with on a day to day basis. Thankfully, Mother Earth in … Continue reading BLACK TOURMALINE … IT’S ELECTRIC!

Magickal and Healing properties of Marjoram

Marjoram is synonymous with oregano, and therefore the names sweet marjoram and knotted marjoram are used to distinguish it from other plants of the genus Origanum. it is a perennial evergreen shrub of which there are three main varieties: wild, sweet and pot. Oregano Origanum vulgare, sometimes listed with marjoram as Origanum majorana) is also called wild … Continue reading Magickal and Healing properties of Marjoram