Day 30 – Mini Release Program – Banishing Nightmares — the Sacred Dream Snake

Silver RavenWolf

Day30 Sacred Dream Snake by Silver RavenWolf

A number of friends have spoken to me of having terrible nightmares during this difficult time.  Many of these people are first responders, healthcare workers, and individuals manning essential positions.  There are several general causes from stress to medicines that can affect one’s sleep cycle and dreaming.  None of the articles I have read, however, want to venture into the web of the world and how, from a spiritual point of view, these negative feelings and ideas may be pushing into your sweet sleep.  The collective fear of humankind can be a horrendous monster in itself, affecting the dreamtime of the human population — prying bony fingers into the tissues of your mind.  Pumping up your fear.  Debilitating your spirit.

Himmelsbrief’s For Banishing Maladies

Pandemic or no, peaceful sleep is something that many of us aspire to grab onto and take to bed with…

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Day 29 – Mini Release Program – Outdoor Gratitude Ritual – Quarantine Magick

Silver RavenWolf

day29Today’s Challenge!  Outdoor Gratitude Ritual

You’d think being at home, stuck in a total or semi-quarantine situation that life would be a bit less hectic; but, that isn’t always the case.  Sure, you don’t have to go as many places; but, that doesn’t mean you can be any less responsible.   If you are living with someone else — they are possibly always underfoot.  You focus on a necessary task, and then your concentration is blown because someone turns the music or television up full blast.  They’re jammin’.  You are fuming.  You clean the kitchen, and then someone strews dried herbs all over the counter because they wanted to make a snack.  You are in the middle of filling out an important form online, and someone rushes into the room with something you simply must know RIGHT THIS MINUTE!

And you hit the delete key by mistake.


Anger simmers…

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Day 28 – Mini Release Program – Quarantine Magick – Release Worry

Silver RavenWolf


Worry!  is a big one these days.  Too much fear, too much media inflation, and then you have the real dummies like the folks in Carlisle, Pennsylvania that held a corona party because someone was infected and wanted to share.

For real.

Came across a 911 ambulance call.

Today’s Challenge — Break the Stick!  Break the Worry and Fear.

Earlier on in the month, I talked about a Pennsylvania folk magick tradition of using a stick to break a fever.  Today’s challenge is to use a stick to break your worry and fear.  The mental magick that goes with this technique is a bit different than the one used for the fever.  Although you can apply this technique for worries in general, it works best if you concentrate on a particular worry or fear that have the same theme.

At dawn, go outside and find a stick on the ground…

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Day 27 – Mini Release Program – Keeping Folk Magick Alive — Broom Enchantments! — Silver RavenWolf

In Pennsylvania folk magick, a broom hung by the front door is thought to protect the household from evil spirits, and nasty people. Tobacco and other herbs were sometimes packed in a corncob pipe and the smoke fanned over objects, such as the household broom, and individuals to rid them of disease and to dissolve […] … Continue reading Day 27 – Mini Release Program – Keeping Folk Magick Alive — Broom Enchantments! — Silver RavenWolf

Day 26 – Mini Release Program – Quarantine Magick

Silver RavenWolf

keepcalm I created this design several years ago — seems appropriate for the times.

Today’s Challenge:  Bitty Day!  Earn 100 Stars!

Yes, that’s right, today’s challenge requires that you wander through your living area and concentrate on fixing those little things.  All the projects in the past few weeks where you said, “Whoops!  Forgot that!  I’ll get it later.”

Guess what?  Later is today!

My Bitty Day will include rearranging that hall closet…AGAIN.  Washing out the bathroom trash cans is next on the list.  I also want to finish a mask for a friend.  I did get several done; but, I’ve got one or two left to complete.  Clean out the silverware drawers.  Even though I did this in December, they are filthy.  How does this happen?  What creature of grime continues to defecate in my drawers?  I’ve also been meaning to make some spiritual cleansing handsoap — to be used…

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