Day 29 – Mini Release Program – Outdoor Gratitude Ritual – Quarantine Magick

Silver RavenWolf

day29Today’s Challenge!  Outdoor Gratitude Ritual

You’d think being at home, stuck in a total or semi-quarantine situation that life would be a bit less hectic; but, that isn’t always the case.  Sure, you don’t have to go as many places; but, that doesn’t mean you can be any less responsible.   If you are living with someone else — they are possibly always underfoot.  You focus on a necessary task, and then your concentration is blown because someone turns the music or television up full blast.  They’re jammin’.  You are fuming.  You clean the kitchen, and then someone strews dried herbs all over the counter because they wanted to make a snack.  You are in the middle of filling out an important form online, and someone rushes into the room with something you simply must know RIGHT THIS MINUTE!

And you hit the delete key by mistake.


Anger simmers…

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