Day 28 – Mini Release Program – Quarantine Magick – Release Worry

Silver RavenWolf


Worry!  is a big one these days.  Too much fear, too much media inflation, and then you have the real dummies like the folks in Carlisle, Pennsylvania that held a corona party because someone was infected and wanted to share.

For real.

Came across a 911 ambulance call.

Today’s Challenge — Break the Stick!  Break the Worry and Fear.

Earlier on in the month, I talked about a Pennsylvania folk magick tradition of using a stick to break a fever.  Today’s challenge is to use a stick to break your worry and fear.  The mental magick that goes with this technique is a bit different than the one used for the fever.  Although you can apply this technique for worries in general, it works best if you concentrate on a particular worry or fear that have the same theme.

At dawn, go outside and find a stick on the ground…

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