Day 30 – Mini Release Program – Banishing Nightmares — the Sacred Dream Snake

Silver RavenWolf

Day30 Sacred Dream Snake by Silver RavenWolf

A number of friends have spoken to me of having terrible nightmares during this difficult time.  Many of these people are first responders, healthcare workers, and individuals manning essential positions.  There are several general causes from stress to medicines that can affect one’s sleep cycle and dreaming.  None of the articles I have read, however, want to venture into the web of the world and how, from a spiritual point of view, these negative feelings and ideas may be pushing into your sweet sleep.  The collective fear of humankind can be a horrendous monster in itself, affecting the dreamtime of the human population — prying bony fingers into the tissues of your mind.  Pumping up your fear.  Debilitating your spirit.

Himmelsbrief’s For Banishing Maladies

Pandemic or no, peaceful sleep is something that many of us aspire to grab onto and take to bed with…

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