Magickal Correspondence for Turquoise



General Properties of Turquoise: healing, calming, protection, love, money, luck

Color: pale blue, bright blue, light green-blue to light green

Element: air, water

Chakra: throat (5th), third eye (6th)

Planetary: Venus, Neptune, Jupiter, Mercury

Astrological: Sagittarius, Pisces, Scorpio

Energy: Feminine, receptive

Goddess/God: Hathor, Venus, The Great Spirit

Geology: Turquoise is a stone of hydrous copper aluminum phosphate with some iron. It rates 5-6 on Mohs scale of hardness. It is mined in the United States, Mexico, Iran, Pakistan, Tibet, Russia, Chile, Australia, Turkestan and Cornwall. Turquoise got its name from Turkish merchants who brought the stone to Europe where it was referred to as Turkish stones.

Physical Uses: Historically turquoise has been used for protection. It was worn by horses and riders to protect from falls and injuries and has been used to protect against the evil eye. Physicians in the 15th century claimed it could counteract any poison. It was powdered into a potion to cure scorpion stings. Place the stone on the eyes to relieve eyestrain. Use to reduce inflammation, cramps, female disorders, fevers, headaches and sore throats. Turquoise can be used to speed healing, regenerate tissue, aid circulation, balance and align energy. It is a symbol of affection, generosity, and sincerity. It can preserve friendships and promote marital harmony.

Spiritual Uses: Native Americans revere this stone for its connection to father sky and often pair it with coral to bring heaven and earth together. It is a spiritual stone and was carried by some medicine people (shamans) to represent power. Use the stone to protect from negative magic. Associated with abundance and wealth, turquoise can be used in spells and magic rituals to bring wealth. Carry it with you to attract luck. Use it to build a bridge between the worlds and to enhance psychic powers. The stone will aid meditation.

Mental Uses: Brings peace of mind. Helps one to know, speak and live one’s truth. Use the stone to dispel negative thought patterns.

Emotional Uses: Brings emotional balance and helps to lift depression.


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