These are beautiful plants.

Enchanted Forests

Nazarbagh is a closely guarded secretive get away I was fortunate to visit and is located at a distance of about  20 kms from Statue Circle in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

A gorgeous drive through enchanting  fields of Marigolds ( Gendas)  and Calendulas ( do check out my blog titled AUSPICIOUS MARIGOLDS) leads to the secretive 12 roomed Palace , Nazarbagh.

These amazing Daisy like flowers carpet the flower beds near the curvaceous driveway leading to the main entrance of this Virgin Palace.

buds Punk Styled Buds

These eye catching Bursts of Indian Pink, Magenta and Crimson are succulent herbs native to  South Africa.

Though they resemble daisies and are also commonly called Livingstone Daisy ( English) they are not genuine Daisies and do not belong to the Sunflower family either.

They however share their love for the Sun and bloom in bright Sunlight only.


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