Magickal Correspondence for Coltsfoot

Magickal Correspondences for Coltsfoot

Magickal Correspondences for Coltsfoot

Coltsfoot or Tussilago Farfara is a perennial plant which flowers in March and so is one of the first plants to herald the arrival of spring. The flowers are a yellow or golden color and look similar to dandelion flowers. The leaves are heart-shaped. Coltsfoot is unusual in that the flowers appear first before any leaves. It likes moist, clay type soil and prefers full sunshine. It grows to approximately twelve inches high.

Coltsfoot is used in magick for spells relating to love, tranquility, prosperity and to increase psychic awareness. It is related to the element of water and the planet of Venus. The leaves or flowers could be used in sachet to introduce love into your life and increase the flow of prosperity and bring abundance and money into your life or you may like to use in a potpourri around the house. Shamans sometimes smoke coltsfoot leaves to assist with visions.

Medicinally coltsfoot has been used for many years and a picture of a coltsfoot flower was used in France over the door of apothecaries to denote the use of herbal medicine. It is mainly used for ailments related to the lungs and chest such as asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia and coughs and generally taken as a syrup. Coltsfoot can also be made into a poultice to help with burns, stings, rashes, swellings, abscesses and ulcers. It can draw out irritation and reduce inflammation. Coltsfoot shouldn’t be used by pregnant or breast-feeding women or young children and it is advised to consult a qualified practitioner as the flowers especially contain alkaloids that can be toxic if used in large doses over a period of time.

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