Artist: Krishaun Williams

Krishaun Williams: Learning through Art

 Artist: Krishaun Williams

Chicago-based artist Krishaun Williams is aiming to help people take their “mind off their troubles” through his art, while giving back to his community.

The artist, who has suffered from mental health issues, uses art as a medium to learn and deepen his understanding of subject matters that he draws. He is particularly inspired by animals, and his striking, eye-catching collection includes visionary paintings of birds and sea creatures.

“When I’m drawing fish I’m learning more about fish, connecting with them, learning about the structure and biology as I draw,” Krishaun Williams describes.

 Artist: Krishaun Williams

Krishaun Williams has been creating art since he was a small child. He was accepted into a commercial arts program in high school and was awarded a full scholarship to Columbus College of Art and Design. He was unable to finish the program there after suffering from mental health.

He then moved back to Chicago where he was connected with Thresholds, a mental health agency in Chicago for support in finding housing and psychiatric care. With the support of his case management team and family, Krishaun Williams returned to school and graduated from Columbia College of Art and Design. He has been participating twice a week in an open studio art group at Thresholds on Chicago’s south side for over 13 years as well as working daily on his art at home.

 Artist: Krishaun Williams

Krishaun Williams artwork is a window to this talented artist’s highly active imagination. In his meticulously detailed drawings, the artist brings to life the animal kingdom and sea world in such a way that submerge the viewer in a narrative akin to a highly illustrative children’s book. It’s fun, visually enticing and sublime.

 Artist: Krishaun Williams

Krishaun feels that each day he is alive he is able to continue growing as a person and artist and lives by the mantra: “Once you have climbed one hill, you still have many mountains to climb”.

Krishaun Williams is one of a number of artists who sell their artwork through ArtLifting , an online gallery that “empowers homeless and disabled artists through the celebration and sale of their artwork”.

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