Litha Blessings

Ways to Celebrate Litha  Gathering of magical plants and healing herbs, particularly St John’s wort, vervain, mugwort, mistletoe, ivy, and fern seed. If the weather is warm enough it is a good time for camping, or at least enjoying a carefully prepared bonfire with friends and family.  Make Litha a special celebration honoring both the … Continue reading Litha Blessings

Yule/Winter Solstice: Bloodstone — Crystal Dawn

Stone of the Season: Bloodstone Energy: Projective Element: Fire Planet(s): Mars Bloodstone is opaque, green, spotted varieties of chalcedony. The dark green of the bloodstone is spotted with red because of the presence of iron oxides. These distinctive spots seem to resemble blood, thus giving the stone its name. Found in India, Brazil, China, Australia, […] … Continue reading Yule/Winter Solstice: Bloodstone — Crystal Dawn