Litha Blessings



Ways to Celebrate Litha 

Gathering of magical plants and healing herbs, particularly St John’s wort, vervain, mugwort, mistletoe, ivy, and fern seed. If the weather is warm enough it is a good time for camping, or at least enjoying a carefully prepared bonfire with friends and family.  Make Litha a special celebration honoring both the physical father you know and The Sun God who is celebrated as the Sun is at its peak in the sky and we celebrate His approaching fatherhood. The sun is associated with will, vitality, accomplishment, victory, and fame. This is a time to celebrate your strengths be proud of them..make it a family and friend event and honor each other’s strengths and accomplishments. Gather around the bonfire bring plenty of fresh flower petals and as each speak of his/her accomplishments honor them by tossing petals on the bonfire.

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