Standing Stones at the Summer Solstice

The Druid's Garden

Ancient peoples set standing stones in various places in the world.  In places, such as in the British Isles or Iceland, you can still often find these standing stones, trilithons, stone circles or stacks of stones.  While their many uses are shrouded in antiquity and subject to some speculation, in the Druid Magic Handbook, John Michael Greer describes standing stones can channel the solar current into the earth, which offers blessing and healing to the land.  I think it’s likely that standing stones can do many other things (tell time, point to astronomical features, be places of worship and community). Today, new groups of people and individuals are choosing to set stones. For our purposes, today, setting stones for land blessing and healing is certainly a good thing to do to provide spiritual support for the land.

The Summer Solstice is a fantastic time to raise a standing stone–in…

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Litha/Midsummer Customs and Practice

  Just as the Pagan Midwinter celebration of Yule was adopted by Christians as “Christmas” (December 25), so too the Pagan Midsummer celebration was adopted by them as the Feast of John the Baptist (June 24). Occurring 180 degrees apart on the wheel of the year, the Midwinter celebration commemorates the birth of Jesus, while … Continue reading Litha/Midsummer Customs and Practice

Working with and Honoring the Sun at the Solstice

The Druid's Garden

Sacred rays of the sun Sacred rays of the sun

The sun’s rays come over the horizon, on the solstice, the most sacred of days. The solstice goes my many names, the day of high light, midsummer, Alban Hefin. Across the globe and through time, it has been celebrated since before recorded history. In the light of the sun, we have strength, warmth, growth, energy, abundance, healing, and wisdom. The sun has been shining down upon our beautiful planet has been shining for at least four billion years and we can expect it to remain unchanged for another five billion years. The sun is also enormous–it accounts for 99.86% of the mass of our solar system.  It is such an incredible thing that it’s hard to image in the scope of the sun as it compares to of human lives or human history.  You might say that the sun is one of the most…

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Litha celebrations in the magical isles of the UK and Ireland by Rosa Medea of Life and Soul Magazine

Litha, also known as Summer Solstice or Midsummer, is honored throughout the UK with celebrations taking place across the country on the longest day, which this year falls on 21 June. For some cultures, the solstice is seen as the beginning of the summer, while others acknowledge it as midsummer. Litha is marked with celebrations across … Continue reading Litha celebrations in the magical isles of the UK and Ireland by Rosa Medea of Life and Soul Magazine

Harvesting Herbs II: Drying Herbs

Harvesting of herbs and flowers is an activity that can involve the whole family. In our previous post we looked at Harvesting Herbs and hang drying as one of the ways of preserving the herbs you harvest. Drying is the time-honored method of preserving most flowers and leaves.  In this article we will explore a few more … Continue reading Harvesting Herbs II: Drying Herbs