Stain Removal Hacks [Infographic] — ecogreenlove

Did you know you could get glue out of a carpet using an iron? Or stop crying over spilled wine with some baking soda? Check out this infographic for a number of sure-fire carpet stain removal methods that will keep your rugs in great shape, no matter what hits them.   Infographic by yourbestdigs via Stain … Continue reading Stain Removal Hacks [Infographic] — ecogreenlove

How often should you Clean That? [Infographic] | ecogreenlove — ecogreenlove

Areas like the bathroom are known to be dirty, but did you know your kitchen sink is even dirtier? Given that you cook food in that area it’s incredibly important to make sure you wipe down the surfaces daily. To give you a better idea of what should be cleaned and when, HireAHelper has put … Continue reading How often should you Clean That? [Infographic] | ecogreenlove — ecogreenlove

Best Ways To Clean Fruits and Vegetables

We have looked at various options when it comes to the produce we purchase for ourselves and our families in the posts Make Your Organic Dollars Count, Affordable Alternatives to Certified Organic and How to Buy Local for Your Food. Regardless of what kind of produce you purchase, you should still be taking the step… via … Continue reading Best Ways To Clean Fruits and Vegetables

How to Remove Mold naturally [Infographic]

Molds are found both indoors and outdoors, and while some molds are harmless, others can cause allergic reactions in you and your family. Symptoms of mold exposure include a cough, asthma symptoms, shortness of breath, hypersensitivity pneumonitis and respiratory illness. Mold is especially dangerous to infants and young children, as prolonged exposure can cause lifelong … Continue reading How to Remove Mold naturally [Infographic]

The Basics and Essentials of Natural Cleaning Solutions