Holiday Simmer Pot


There is no better time of the year for simmering up some magic – and some great scents – on the stove.

This holiday simmer pot not only smells heavenly, but is chock full of all kinds of good stuff that you want to draw in at this time of year (or any time of year, really).

As always, keep safety in mind and don’t let your simmer pot go unattended or let the water get too low.

You can get creative with what you use in your simmer pot, depending on what you’re trying to manifest.

Here is what I used for this pot:

photo 3-4Orange – Used for drawing and attracting, it’s also a symbol of abundance. I cut up a whole orange for this pot.

Cranberries – The quintessential American holiday fruit, cranberry doesn’t have a huge history of magical properties, but as a water fruit, it’s considered to…

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