Summer Scents for Men and Women

Ravenhawks’ Magazine brings you a taste of what to wear in fresh summer scents for men and women.

Summer Scents

Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Perfume

Oranges and other citrus fruits provide the perfect backdrop to summer scents. Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Perfume is a sweet and sexy scent that blends sparkling raspberry and strawberry notes with spicy and sweet Italian mandarin. Pacifica Spray Perfume is made with natural, pure grain alcohol (corn-sourced and gluten-free) and Pacifica’s signature perfume blends with essential and natural oils.

Jo Malone White Jasmine & Mint Colognesummer scents

Inspired by the sunny morning freshness of an English garden, Jo Malone’s White Jasmine & Mint Cologne is an enchanting blend of crushed wild mint and an exuberant bouquet of jasmine, lily, orange flower and rose. Jo Malone fragrances are great for layering so try combining the light floral, White Jasmine & Mint Cologne with Orange Blossom Cologne.

32112_A1.psdL’Occitane Green Tea Eau de Toilette

L’Occitane Green Tea Eau de Toilette is as fresh, uplifting and energising as a cup of green tea. A classic fragrance, this eau de toilette includes green tea extract from Japan and the essential oil of bitter orange from the Mediterranean. Energising upon first contact, the fragrance evolves with sparkling citrus notes in an accord of sweet and bitter orange, with an aromatic base includes notes of green tea.

summer scentsLush Princess Cottongrass

Lush’s Princess Cottongrass vegan-friendly perfume is a light, delicate scent, making it a perfect accompaniment to your summer perfume collection. Pine, nettle, neroli and violet leaf oils combine and give way to a fresh grassy scent.

Lemon by Mary Greenwellsummer scents

Summer is one of the most uplifting season’s of the year and to match that comes this zesty and energetic fragrance from Mary Greenwell. Lemon by Mary Greenwell is a citrus aromatic fragrance for women and men. Aromas of lemon, mandarin orange, bergamot and lime unfold to floral hints of jasmine and hyacinth, with deep notes of tonka bean and amber at its base.

summer scentLurk NST V7

Lurk, conceived and created in NYC, make a range of fragrances for both men and women. From their summer 2015 range comes NST V7 – an earthy floral scent which combines heady Pink Lotus with Owyhee, fresh citrus, warm sandalwood and creamy Tuberose to create this unique and engaging scent. Each of Lurk’s scents are hand blended and poured using only pure essential oils in a base of organic jojoba.

Honoré des Prés Honoré’s Tripsummer scents

Honoré Des Prés Honoré’s Trip, is a saturated cocktail of rich colour and freshness, made from pure mandarins, Mediterranean oranges and lemons, together with spicy pepper taken from trees in the Philippine Islands.  This zesty orange organic perfume is fantastic for good vibrations and positive energy. Perfect for those with sensitive skin, Honore des Pres fragrances are 100% natural and organic.

summer scentHevea Ablution Copal Organic Eau de Cologne
Hevea Ablution is a range of bold and sexy, unisex fragrances. Ablution contains active ingredients including aloe vera, Nigari salt from Japan, and apple extract. Copal being the main ingredient in Hevea Ablution Copal Organic Eau de Cologne, is a mystical Aztec resin, known as the sacred “food of the gods”. Organic Aztec copal and zesty lime meet with a woody and forest base to bring you a meditative scent rich in mystery and seduction.

Maroma Men Tonka Vetiver Fragrancesummer scents

The alluring grassy scent of vetiver is popular among men and women. India-based beauty brand Maroma have developed an invigorating pairing of tonka and vetiver in their Maroma Men Tonka Vetiver Fragrance. This masculine blend combines with subtle hints of Patchouli for an alluring summer scent. Maroma fragrances, which contain concentrated fragrances blended with coconut oil, can be dabbed on pulse points.

summer scentsCompagnie de Provence Fresh Verbena Fragrant Water

Lemon verbena is a gorgeous all-year-round scent. Compagnie de Provence Fresh Verbena Fragrant Water is a fresh fragrant water with notes of lemon verbena that is lighter than an eau de toilette. A sparkling and invigorating fragrance that can be worn by men and women.


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