The 1930s were some of the driest years in American history. Eight long years of drought, preceded by inappropriate cultivation technique, and the financial crises of the Great Depression forced many farmers off the land abandoning their fields throughout the Great Plains that run across the heart of mainland United States. via The Dust Bowl of … Continue reading THE DUST BOWL OF THE 1930

FoCo Cafe: The heart of the community

Colorado’s FoCo Cafe, the first of its kind where customers set the price for cafe cuisine on a pay-what-you-can basis, celebrates its 2nd anniversary on Thanksgiving Day. The exemplary cafe aims to provide nutritious and healthy meals – made from mostly local, organic and sustainably grown ingredients – to the local community in Fort Collins, … Continue reading FoCo Cafe: The heart of the community

Crystal Mill: The River Shack That Helped Colorado Ore Miners

The area is beautiful!

Optical Illusions Created by Mother Nature

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Winter in Estes Park

The area is beautiful thanks for the reminder.