Winter in Estes Park

The area is beautiful thanks for the reminder.

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Estes map

On our previous trip out west to Sedona, we rented a Toyota Prius which served as a faithful steed on our road trip across the rugged terrain of Arizona. For our January trip out to Colorado, we knew we would require something more “off-road” that could handle the mountainous landscape and potentially icy roads of the Rockies. When we arrived at Enterprise at the Denver airport, we didn’t choose the car…the car chose us…

IMG_4615 Our rental car in Rocky Mountain National Park

Estes Park

We spent our three nights in Estes Park at the Cozy Cabin, a short walk from the shops and restaurants downtown. The cabin was the size of a Williamsburg studio, but the easy access to downtown Estes and Rocky Mountain National Park (15 minute drive) made it the perfect place to spend the long weekend. Not to mention, there was a family of deer…

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