Midsummer Ritual for Love and Companionship

Ritual to attract Companionship and Love You Will Need: Lavender candle Jasmine oil Jasmine Incense State of Mind and Concentration Needed: Set up a space to burn your candle, place your candle in the center. Cast your circle. Now stand quietly for a moment and visualize your space filled with a swirling golden light.[you must … Continue reading Midsummer Ritual for Love and Companionship

Summer Solstice Incense DIY (Litha, Midsummer) — Moody Moons

Crafting your own summer solstice incense adds a uniquely regional touch to your Midsummer or Litha celebration. Combining herbalism with the zen-inducing art of aromatic magic, the act of blending herbs for the purpose of sacred ritual dates back to the earliest roots of our human heritage. So grab a pair of pruning shears and… via … Continue reading Summer Solstice Incense DIY (Litha, Midsummer) — Moody Moons

Incense for Litha

  Incense for Litha. These may be used alone or combined. Cinnamon:Burn for protection and to attract money, wealth, prosperity, business success, stimulate or strengthen the psychic powers, and aid in healing.  Also burned for stimulation, strength and lust Frankincense: Burn to dispel negativity,to increase spirituality, purify magickal spaces, consecration, protect against evil, for exorcism, aid … Continue reading Incense for Litha

Spell Work for Litha

Spell Work for Litha: Healing, love magick, protection, purification, energy, faery   The gift: From the union between God and Goddess comes many thing great and small, but one of the most powerful gifts from that union is Divine Love that is shared with all creations. To partake of that Gift You will need: 1 white … Continue reading Spell Work for Litha