Midsummer Ritual for Love and Companionship

Ritual to attract Companionship and Love You Will Need: Lavender candle Jasmine oil Jasmine Incense State of Mind and Concentration Needed: Set up a space to burn your candle, place your candle in the center. Cast your circle. Now stand quietly for a moment and visualize your space filled with a swirling golden light.[you must … Continue reading Midsummer Ritual for Love and Companionship

13 Uses for a Witch’s Potion

FEBRUARY 22, 2021 BY MICHAEL FURIE READ TIME: 8 MINS When the topic of witch‘s potions and brews is discussed in books, it’s all too often relegated to an absurd or disturbing status with lizard’s legs and dragon’s scales thrown in for good measure. While tales of evil “witches” cooking up compulsory love potions or gruesome … Continue reading 13 Uses for a Witch’s Potion



June 21, 2020 – New Moon – Law of Abundance Check

Julie M Perkins (aka Monavie Voight)


Annual Solar Eclipse

June 21, 2020

0° Cancer 21′

2:41 AM DST

Law of Abundance Checks

You may save/print these Law of Abundance checks which I created for 2020 for your own personal use. Please do not sell them.
How to use them:
  • Fill in the date of the New Moon
  • Fill in your name (Use name/spelling which is most auspicious for you!)
  • Choose a candle in the color of your choice (gold or green candles are best, but a plain white tea light candle will work if it’s what you have on hand!)
  • Use creative visualization to see yourself in abundance while you light the candle and hold the check
  • Leave the candle to burn for any length of time you feel SAFE to do so. The candle can be used again for next months’ New Moon.
  • Carry the check in your wallet, put it away and…

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Make Your Own Love Potion | New York Institute of Aromatic Studies — Good Witches Homestead

Let your mind slowly drift and picture yourself in an era many years ago..in the 1st century B.C. in Egypt. Cleopatra was setting sail on the Nile with her entourage, her handmaidens busily scenting her sails with jasmine to announce her presence to her adoring multitudes. Of course, any prospective suitors she might encounter along […] … Continue reading Make Your Own Love Potion | New York Institute of Aromatic Studies — Good Witches Homestead