13 Uses for a Witch’s Potion

13 Uses for a Witch’s Potion


13 Uses for a Witch’s Potion

When the topic of witch‘s potions and brews is discussed in books, it’s all too often relegated to an absurd or disturbing status with lizard’s legs and dragon’s scales thrown in for good measure. While tales of evil “witches” cooking up compulsory love potions or gruesome poisons in a giant cauldron can be entertaining, they don’t really provide any useful or practical information about actual witch’s brews or how to use them in our everyday lives. In fact, there is comparatively little information available about potions and their uses; most books are more focused on incense and oil recipes rather than water-based mixtures. My latest book, The Witch’s Book of Potions features dozens of potion and brew recipes, and it’s my hope that there shall be a renewed interest in the art and practice of creating these mixtures. My distinction between potion and brew is that a potion can be drunk, but a brew cannot. There are so many possibilities for a good potion or brew and I’d like to list my thirteen favorite ways to use magical liquid infusions in everyday practice.

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