Awaken the Power Within You! by Silver RavenWolf

Silver RavenWolf

Ingredients for Universal Fluid Condenser – Instructions can be found in Silver’s Witching Hour book – Photo by Silver RavenWolf

What are you waiting for? Covid to be over forever? A Universal Winning Ticket? Someone to say they are sorry?

Yeah. Right. And bats perch on your windowsill at high noon.

Granted, sometimes you have to wait a bit for the right circumstances — like the violets to bloom so you can include them in your Universal Fluid Condenser — but, that’s a planning pause, and not a never-never-nothing-ever-it-won’t-happen clause permanently inserted into your life by the great expectations of inertia.

The violets will bloom. Maybe today, or tomorrow, or next week (because Mother Nature is like that); but, in the meantime, you can gather whatever supplies you need to make that condenser so that when those sweet flowers appear, you can gather what you need and move forward.


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