The Delta Pearl 70 — Geostrophic

Wonderful chapter Teagan, can’t wait to see what Émeraude has gotten herself into!

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Saturday, April 3, 2021

For those who aren’t here on Wednesdays, I’m announcing the April installment of my Amazon serial.

Dead of Winter: Journey 4, The OldRoad

DoW 4 Wagon Wheel promoPromotional Image by Teagan

Now available. Purchase links are at the end of this post.

Now, for the reason why you are here, my chuckaboos! “The Delta Pearl” is back with a new episode.  I’m dancing as fast as I can — it’s been a very difficult week. So pardon this being a draft.  There are doubtlessly mistakes.  Pointing them out does not qualify as a friendly comment.

Since I wasn’t here last weekend, here’s a Link to the previous episode.

Do you see that lovely mirror in my image collage below?  Fellow blogger, Dan Antion actually made that for his daughter, Faith!  She took the photo of the mirror.  Dan told me about it when he left Cheval Mirror as…

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