Keep Real: Clothing and goods brand promoting emotional wellbeing

Life & Soul Magazine

Keep Real or “keepin’ it real” is a mantra that can be applied to everyone as they go about their daily lives. For Kimberley Robinson, it resonated on such a level she decided to create a lifestyle and wellbeing brand – promoting mental health and emotional wellbeing – from it.

The clothing and goods brand, Keep Real, has curated a range of items – unisex tees and sweatshirts, tote bags, notebooks, mindfulness colouring books and pencils all made using sustainable materials, where possible – that promotes “keepin’ it real”, which they sell via their website. As the brand states: “feel good inside and out, be kind to yourselves and approach the world with a keep real attitude”.

At the heart of this compassionate, motivational and consciously-aware brand is Kimberley Robinson. Keepin’ it real obviously comes natural to the articulate counselling therapy graduate, as she speaks passionately about the business she…

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