ReTuna Recycling Galleria: The “world’s first ever” mall selling only recycled and upcycled goods

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Sweden’s ReTuna Recycling Galleria is the world’s first ever shopping mall where shoppers can find only reclaimed, recycled and upcycled products.

ReTuna Recycling Galleria, located in the Swedish city of Eskilstuna, is host to 14 stores, a restaurant serving organic food, and a conference centre.

The idea behind ReTuna Recycling Galleria is that customers visit the mall where they can donate old furniture and clothing to the mall’s recycling depot, The Return. Staff from Eskilstuna’s Activity, Motivation and Work (AMA) unit then go through the donated goods, which is then “repaired, fixed up, transformed and refined” and sold at the mall.

ReTuna Recycling Galleria’s website states: “This [ReTuna Recycling Galleria] is not an ordinary mall. Here you can experience shopping in a whole new way – a climate friendly way. The shops in the mall refine, repair and transform old things into new things, which they then sell on. We…

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