Recycling Labels Explained [Visual]


According to a BBC poll, 47% of people report having arguments about what types of plastic can be recycled. The reason for the confusion? There are seven different types of plastic packaging and some are recycled more often than others. Also, due to funding and resources available, each local authority collects and processes recycling waste in different ways.

We’re all used to seeing the 3 arrows in a circular icon (♻️). This is called the mobius loop, and while you might think that this is an indication that the item can be popped in your recycling bin, you’d be wrong. It only means that it could be recycled, but whether that can happen depends on the services your council supply. It’s also worth noting that this symbol is unregulated throughout the industry, meaning that anyone can use it. Which begs the question, can you even trust…

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Make it last! – A Guide to Batteries 🔋 [Visual] — ecogreenlove

We made a simple guide for you to know how to store your batteries so they last longer, how to test when are they truly empty and which devices might work with half-empty batteries before you can dispose of them. via Make it last! – A Guide to Batteries 🔋 [Visual] — ecogreenlove

Recycling and Climate Change…3rd February 2020…Nature-based solutions and Jute Bags…

Retired? No one told me!

Hello and welcome to this weeks news and views on Climate Change and recycling…Thank you for all your comments last week they were all valid concerns and I hope I went some way to answering those concerns it was lovely to have that two-way discussion going…Thank also to all of you who shared the post and spread the news and views. It was interesting to hear how snowmobiles for many are a problem by causing noise and pollution and there was much interest in the electronic version used in  Lapland which had zero emissions…Thank you, Tori, for bringing that to my attention.


What is happening this week on my radar???…

Climate Change…Is always in the news now…

Is it as bad as many people claim? Or is it hype as many others claim?

Take the Paris Agreement…The world was up in arms against Donald Trump when he withdrew America…Since…

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CocoPallet: Shipping pallets made from recycled coconut husk waste help to save an estimated 200 million trees — Life & Soul Magazine

Dutch start-up called CocoPallet is helping to save an estimated 200 million trees from being chopped down every year for use in shipping pallets, with their recycled coconut husk waste transportation pallets. To manufacture its pallets, the Dutch start-up took inspiration from a method developed by researchers at the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands […] … Continue reading CocoPallet: Shipping pallets made from recycled coconut husk waste help to save an estimated 200 million trees — Life & Soul Magazine

Zero Waste Homes [Infographic] — ecogreenlove

The whole zero waste movement is a relatively new phenomenon but it’s one that is greatly welcomed. As citizens of our planet, it is fundamental that we understand that our behaviours every single day can have repercussions for the environment. If we take control and even try to amend our ways one step at a … Continue reading Zero Waste Homes [Infographic] — ecogreenlove