ECOALF: Clothing made from recycled materials

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Fashion brand ECOALF are creating clothing made from recycled materials only.

Realising the potential and innovation in recycled clothing, Spanish label ECOALF have created more than 110 recycled fabrics from plastic bottles, fishing nets, used tyres, post-consumer coffee, wool and cotton to produce a range of women’s and men’s clothing.

ECOALF’s collection of women’s and men’s clothing focuses on classic styles and cuts made entirely from recycled fabrics. The emphasis at ECOALF is creating products “produced with the same quality and design as products made from non-recycled materials”.

ECOALF’s women’s collection features basics such as trench coats made from recycled plastic bottles; everyday courchevel down jackets made from recycled fishing nets; and striped knits made from a mix of regenerated cotton, polyester and polyamide.

The women’s collection is classic and simple, the colours neutral making the range suitable for both casual or smart wear.

ECOALF’s menswear collection is a selection…

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