Kore the maiden of corn’s journey back to earth from the Underworld heralds Spring and rebirth

The Myth of Kore

Kore, the maiden of Corn’s journey back to earth from the Underworld heralds Springtime and rebirth. She returns to her maiden form to spend time with her mother Demeter, the mother goddess of earth and harvest. The seasonal reunion of mother and daughter brings warmth, nourishment and nurture to earth after the barren harshness of winter.

So here is where the story began…..

Kore, maiden goddess was the daughter of the God of sky, Zeus and his Sister Demeter, Goddess of earth and harvest. You read right, they were brother and sister. Demeter, loved Kore very much, her whole life was devoted to her beautiful daughter. Unknown to Demeter, Zeus had promised their brother God of the Underworld Hades, a wife and that was going to be Kore.

One day, Kore the maiden of Corn was enjoying a walk alone through a meadow bursting with colours from all sorts of flowers, and one flower caught her eye, she had never seen anything like it. She was totally entranced and did not hear the earth open up behind, and out popped Hades, King of the Underworld in his majestic horse drawn chariot. Hades took Kore back to the Underworld with him to be his Queen. In the Underworld, Kore becomes known as Persephone, Queen of the Underworld.

Demeter, distraught with grief and anger caused the world to experience it’s first season of winter as plants and crops die as Demeter the mother mourns  she roamed the land in search of her lost daughter. Zeus saw that the humans were suffering in the ongoing harshness of winter- as food was limited. And also Demeter was eating his ear off to bring their daughter back to her.

Hades agreed with Zeus that Persephone his Queen could return to her mother as Kore, goddess of rebirth in spring. So balance is restored on earth. After every Winter of mourning, mother goddess Demeter is full of joy which is seen in the new life of crops on earth. Until her daughter returns to the Underworld, and Demeter’s grief brings the season of Winter.

Goddess Persephone returns to the Underworld to continue as Queen welcoming the dead to the afterlife, guiding them safely through the passage of death. Until the following year she returns to her maiden form Kore, reunited with her mother.


About the Author

When Shani Choudhari is not writing for Ravenshawk, her other life is a Spiritual Life Coach. She works from the premise that inside of us, we each have EXACTLY what we are looking for.  Michelangelo said about the creation of his masterpiece, David: “David was already in there, in the marble, I knew that. What I did was take away the pieces that were not him.” 

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