Equilateral Cross

Symbol of Ostara —Equilateral Cross

The conceptual meaning of the equilateral cross is a unification of the spiritual and material.  The logo of this magazine shows a pentagram and an equilateral cross within a circle, flanked by a triple moon and a raven and hawk.  The pentagram and cross within a circle encompasses many forces.  The pentagram indicated the four elements and directions, north-earth, east-air, south-fire, west-water, and the top point indicates spirit, meaning that spirit or the divine is placed above the material.  The equal arm cross is a symbol for the totality of life and the eternity of life:  balance between male and female, sun and moon, light and darkness, death and rebirth.    Placing the pentagram and cross within a circle encloses these forces within the circle of life, and another meaning of the circle:  immortality.   The equilateral cross also embodies  the human desire to know & experience the unfolding mystery of life.  It was common for this symbol to be worn at the level of the heart, demonstrating acceptance and awareness of the four-fold concept of the cross:  self, nature, knowledge and the Divine.  As an aside, an upside down pentagram is not a symbol for Satan worshipers, but rather a  placement of material forces over spiritual wisdom and the guidance of soul. 

The vertical arm of the cross (upward and downward facing) incorporates the knowledge that “as above so below.”  The equilateral cross can be found  across ancient civilizations.  In Babylon the equilateral cross was the symbol of Anu, God of the Heavens.  In ancient Assyria, the equilateral cross can be found on relics dating back nearly 5000 years, and belonged to the All Creator, Assur.  In Ancient Greece, the equilateral cross was used on the staff of Apollo whose chariot pulled the sun across the sky.  The equilateral cross can also be found in Mayan, Aztec, Native American and Celtic artwork and reliquaries.   To the Druids, the cross represented the meeting of Divine energies at the cross-section.  To the Ancient Greeks, it was an emblem of the four elements.    As a Native American symbol the cross has several connotations according to tribe.  To the Hopi it is referred to as the ”cosmic cross” with the four bars representing north, south, east & west correspond to the outermost points on the horizon where the sun passes through the year.  In the ancient Middle East, the symbol also represents the four directions (north, south, east, west) and the four winds.  The equilateral cross is a basic element of many alchemist symbols.

sources: symbolic-meanings.com

When not writing for Ravenhawks, Kamberlyn works with clients to bring about the relationship, health, finances & career that their soul desires for them.  She can be found on KEEN at kamberlyn divine love or through her website, LadyKamberlyn.com.

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