Yerba Mate: A new tea mate in town

Life & Soul Magazine

If you are looking for a new caffeine kick, yerba mate tea maybe your new mate to sit down with for a brew.

Yerba mate tea is made from the South American yerba mate plant. It bears the strength of coffee and the health benefits of tea, providing both energy and nutrition.

Yerba mate is well known for increasing energy and enhancing mental clarity, alertness, focus and concentration. It also provides the body with 24 vitamins and amino acids, including B vitamins, iron, calcium and zinc.

In South America, drinking yerba mate or mate has social and cultural importance. Like breaking bread with friends and family, sharing mate with a traditional gourd is a sign of friendship and bonding.

Yerba mate teas have become more readily available outside of South America in recent years owing to some imports and UK-based brands selling blends, although it is still considered an “acquired…

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