Marley Coffee: One love for humanity, nature and the beans

Marley Coffee: One love for humanity, nature and the beans

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Two giants to have graced this planet with their inimitable style and presence and two of the world’s most loved – the legendary reggae musician, Bob Marley, and that humble bean that is coffee – combine forces to bring the world, Marley Coffee.

Marley Coffee, set up by Bob’s son Rohan Marley, was founded to honour his father who had a deep love and respect for humanity and nature. With his father’s ethos deeply embedded into the Marley psyche as it were, Rohan purchased farmland in Jamaica’s Blue Mountain region which is also the habitat for dozens of species of migratory birds.
Marley Coffee: One love for humanity, nature and the beans
The farm, which sits atop the Blue Mountain region famed for its coffee, became the Marley Coffee Farm Estate. Rohan, whose father came from the farmland in Jamaica’s Nine Mile, made his father’s dream of returning to farming a reality when he purchased the farm back in 1999. And in doing so, created a small organic coffee farm with sustainable farming practices.

Marley Coffee aims to improve the life of farmers in what has traditionally been a very poor rural community while bringing the organic farming movement to the forefront in Jamaica. Marley Coffee’s Jamaica Blue Mountain beans are shade-grown without the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and other additives.

Now Marley Coffee has grown into a worldwide brand offering both specialty Blue Mountain Coffee as well as signature blends sourced from around the world. Marley Coffee have partnered with small farms in the poorest rural communities around the world – including Central and South America, Africa and Asia-Pacific – in their commitment to sustainability and supporting ethical farming practices. These partner farmers are responsible for the 100% Organic Arabica beans that make Marley Coffee’s signature blends.

Marley Coffee’s range of signature blends provide a different kick depending on your requirements. Marley Coffee’s One Love is a delicate coffee with hints of chocolate and berries, which as a medium roast is great for a gentle pick me up and works well as an all day blend. Working its way up the scale is the full-bodied Buffalo Soldier which gives a kick ass espresso for those times when an instant boost is needed. With hints of dark chocolate, Buffalo Soldier is a robust coffee that is smooth and grounding. While Lively Up!, with its subtle chocolate tones that linger, is a medium-dark roast that is ideal for use in cafetieres or espressos.

Marley Coffee – from the packaging right down to the coffee itself – is a damn fine artisan coffee brand. Marley Coffee’s signature blends – One Love, Buffalo Soldier and Lively Up! – come in simple packaging featuring an image of Rohan Marley, in a pose similar to an iconic photo of his father, which stands out in a gold stencil.

The stickers, which label Marley Coffee’s signature blends, come in colors that respect Rastafari – red, yellow and green. The lion, the totem of courage, power and integrity, is used for Marley Coffee’s logo. The essence of the lion in all its strength, robustness and wisdom is captured throughout the Marley Coffee blends. The packaging just like the brand’s ethos of “ITAL” makes a bold, transparent statement – “ITAL stands for all things Pure. True and Vital. We believe that pure food from the earth is physically and spiritually beneficial.”

As a gourmet coffee company, Marley Coffee is authentic and comes with the integrity that Rohan’s father epitomized. The company also gives back to the community, with a portion of all sales going towards youth football programs in Jamaica, Kicks for Cause, and 1Love, which supports charities that empower people to take action for sustainable and responsible living.

Marley Coffee is likely to please everyone – Bob Marley and coffee fans alike, as well as those who have a deep respect for humanity and nature. Inject some lion power into the start of your day or whenever in need, with a cup of Marley Coffee.

Rosalyn Medea is a writer, intuitive reader and spiritual life coach. She writes about sustainable life&style, music, arts and spirituality. She also helps people be their true selves and integrate their spirituality in to their daily lives.

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