Releasing Fear Spell

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Keep Calm and change your life quote

This year (unless you are me and are constantly changing) has been packed full of hard reality checks, difficult change, and transitions. It’s scary, and even though we might know that the outcome of our change will be way better than what we are living or doing right now, fear kicks in and slows us down, or even sabotages our evolution.

Bottom line is we chose to give in to fear. ” I’m not strong enough. What will I do without my big house? (divorce) I don’t want to relive that traumatic event AGAIN! This is so uncomfortable. What will people say?” Only a minuscule of what runs through our heads when fear kicks in during a transition or a spiritual lesson.

Here is a simple spellritual you can do to make a conscious decision to release your fear.  This doesn’t mean that it will be magically gone, it means that…

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