Samhain Blessings

  Short Spell to Transforming Negativity: You will need: White Candle Black Candle Casting The Spell Light your white Candle visualize protective light surrounding you and all aspects of your life. Now Light the black candle and Say 3 times: "Now all Negative Energy directed at and surrounding my life is blocked and transformed into … Continue reading Samhain Blessings

Expelling Bad Luck — Ravenhawk’s Magickal Products-Candles Cloaks Ritual Boxes

Ostara Notions, Potions, & Spells w/ Lady Wyndesong Expelling Bad Luck Entities and Energy from the home Expelling bad luck and energy from your home begins with cleaning the vibrations in your space. 107 more wordsExpelling Bad Luck — Ravenhawk's Magickal Products-Candles Cloaks Ritual Boxes

Day 47 – Set Your Hands To It! by Silver RavenWolf

Friendship Spell — Ravenhawks’ Magickal Mystical Places

In keeping with Friday, magick I am posting a friendship spell. This is an excellent spell to do on Fridays. If you want to know what other spells to do on Friday check Ravenhawk’s Ezine Weekly Spell Casting. In friendship, we discover how to be with each other as well as who we truly are […] … Continue reading Friendship Spell — Ravenhawks’ Magickal Mystical Places

Mirror And Candle Gazing

Welcome back! I have to ask….. how are your personal daily one card readings going? I would love to hear from you guys. Tonight we are moving onto mirror candle gazing, it’s a form of meditation and divination you can do at your altar or the bathroom/bedroom mirror. Its important to sit comfortably at eye […] … Continue reading Mirror And Candle Gazing