Lemon Posset, A Vanilla Shortage And Fiesta Friday

Looks yummy and easy to make. I bought a 16 oz bottle of vanilla extract before Yule since I do a great deal of baking now I am glad I did.



Last night I had company for dinner, I’ve known about this for a while and had grand plans to make a lovely meal but unfortunately,  I have been sick for the last few days, a stomach virus. I haven’t eaten much of anything and generally felt really bad. I was not really inspired to cook. I opted for a starter salad,  simple roasted chicken with roasted vegetables, let the oven do the work I say. My plan was to make a lemon meringue tart but I didn’t have the energy so I remembered this quick and easy recipe by Mrs. Larkin on Food52 for lemon posset. A magical concoction, tart and sweet and creamy and a lovely light dessert. It couldn’t be simpler to make and most of the time it’s sitting in the fridge setting.

vanilla vanilla

I have been stocking up on vanilla extract. Have you noticed rising…

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