28 Magical Days of Gratitude…Day #1

I like the idea of showing gratitude 🙂

The Artisan Realm

Merry Morning & Moon my Lovelies! I am hoping that you are all feeling Thankful, Inspired & Hopeful!!! Life is Good & We Live in a Beautiful World…How Very Blessed are We!

So remember I was telling you on Thankful Thursday about the doing a 28 Magical Days of Gratitude Starting on April 1 2016? Today is Day #1…Yay! What I would like to Encourage you to do if you are wanting to join me in this Practice is:

  1. Create a time & space each day to Practice
  2. Have some paper, journal, laptop, phone or IPad
  3. Write or type 3 People, Places or Things that You are Grateful for. (The Power of 3)
  4. Then close your eyes and Bless for each of what you are Grateful for Thank you Thank you Thank you for …………..?
  5. In closing say Thank you Thank you Thank you for this Beautiful, Amazing Magic Life..

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