Thirsty Thursday: Grilled Pineapple Old Fashioned

Up here in the chilly north that drink looks really good, bourbon and grilled pineapple is a must try for me.

Marvelous Mo at Home

FullSizeRender 3

I’ve had the fun pleasure of hosting my sister-in-law Erin and her good friend Brittany during their visit to Miami this week. And as with any friends or family visiting, in addition to me making sure I have a few new meals to test out on them, a new signature cocktail is always in the works.

With Grilling Week on the blog a day away from coming to a close, I thought it only fitting to greet my guests with a beverage that embodied this week’s theme.

Today, I share with you my Grilled Pineapple Old Fashioned. With only two ingredients, it is easier to make than the traditional. It utilizes the warmth of the grilled fruit to create its own “simple syrup” from the ice it melts in the shaker. Shaken gently with your choice of bourbon and strained over ice, this cocktail delivers on flavor and punch. And…

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