5 Magickal Ways to Use Roses

Moody Moons

Now that Valentines and Lupercalia are behind us, I’m betting at least a few of you have some roses to spare.

If they’ve begun to wilt, don’t throw them away!

Roses have lots of traditional power in the Craft.  Here are a few ideas to put your wilting flowers to use.

5 ways to use roses in wicca1.  Make rosewater.  Making rosewater is an easy, satisfying 20-minute craft project.  There are lots of tutorials on how to do it (check out Pinterest).  Once you’ve made it, you can use it to anoint yourself with its protective properties.

2.  Make a natural blush.  Dry your roses by hanging them upside down, then use a mortar and pedestal to grind them into a fine powder.  As you grind them, say a chant or incantation for love and wear the powder as a blush to attract a new romance.

3.  Add them to an attraction bath.  Draw a bath…

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