An Evening in Florence with BonAppetour!

Great post and sounds like an unforgettable experience. Thanks for sharing.


Have you heard of BonAppetour?? It is a great platform that helps meet travellers and locals. Locals from a particular town/city become host to travellers for lunch/dinner and offer them an “authentic” experience. All one needs to do is find whether the city they are travelling to that has BonAppetour hosts, and then just register and book.

During my last trip to Italy I booked a dinner with Andrea and his wife Giovanna, locals from Florence, Italy. I had no idea what to expect in terms of food quality, ambiance or experience. It definitely felt strange to just knock on a some stranger’s door and start eating with them. But it was also very new and different. I was certain that I wanted to dine in an Italian house to experience their culture and habits more. So I booked without thinking much.

I arrived at Andrea and Giovanna’s house…

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