The Fountain Tarot: Deck Review

Beautiful Deck

benebell wen

Fountain Tarot - Box Front

The Fountain Tarot was created by Jonathan Saiz, a visual artist with a penchant for metaphysics, written by Jason Gruhl, a writer, and designed by Andi Todaro, a graphic designer. What a powerful Trinitarian force they turned out to be. This deck is magnificent to behold. It came out earlier this year and seriously the whole mess of tarot folk I’m buddies with were ooh-ing and ah-ing the deck and secretly I rolled my eyes and went, “Another modern-looking probably New Agey tarot deck. Oh wee.” Then photos of it started rolling out on social media and I adjusted my tune only slightly. “Okay fine. It’s a very beautifully rendered modern-looking tarot deck.”

Fountain Tarot - Box Set

The artwork drew me in. So I watched this video (scroll down) about the creating of the deck and kind of nodded and was silent. Okay. Fine. It’s really, really beautiful. It’s still just another modern-looking tarot…

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