Transition into Autumn Naturally

Transition into Autumn Naturally

Transition into Autumn Naturally: Seasonal Support for Mind, Body and Spirit

Transition into Autumn Naturally

The autumn equinox marks a transition from the outward expansive energy of summer to an internal grounded energy of fall. The change of flow of energy affects our entire being. Our ancestors knew how to live in harmony and balance with the transition. In the current world, modern technology offers plenty of distraction against the inward energy of fall. Electricity substitutes for the loss of light. Supermarkets filled with global edibles offer food choices of any season. Is it no wonder we lose track of what we can do naturally to support our mind, body, emotion and spirit through the transition from summer to fall?

One key to keeping the body healthy is to eat what is grown locally. Foods such as carrot, turnip, squash, parsnip, potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, cabbage, chard, spinach, cauliflower, collard green, rutabaga, apple, pear and grape abound in the cool autumn weather. Spices associated with the season include cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, clove, ginger, rosemary, turmeric and garlic. It is natural to eat more cooked foods with pungent spices and less raw food.

The fall is a good time to detoxify body, mind and house. Shedding ideas, thoughts, belief systems, shoes or furniture that is no longer needed or useful makes room for new growth. Practices such as deep breathing and meditation help to declutter the mind, ease stress and support the immune system. Letting go of negative and excess emotions promotes balance and increased energy flow.

Focus and activity shifts inward in autumn. Sitting by a warm fire and quietly reflecting on that which is essential in life enables awareness of what is truly important and what is not. Setting internal goals that nurture one’s essential nature increases the likelihood of a purposeful harvest in time. Spending more hours inside the house cooking, canning, baking, crafting or doing home repairs prepares us for the winter. Going to bed earlier and getting more rest supports overall health. Making choices that are natural to the energy of the season will help to keep you in balance and in good health mind, body and spirit.

About the Author

Juniper Wyndfyre RN, MSN, MA is a contributing writer for Ravenhawks Magazine on natural health topics. She is the founder of Juniper Healing Arts, a business specializing in energy healing and clearing, soul retrieval, soul-life coaching, intuitive readings, sacred ceremonies and Laughter Yoga. Her passion is to help individuals discover and live the life of the true self and to remove the blocks and obstacles in the way. She enjoys laughing for no reason, dancing, hiking, reading, cooking and travel. Find her at or

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