Aromatherapy for Fall

Aromatherapy for Fall

Fall is a time of transition

Aromatherapy for Fall


 The days grow shorter and the nights longer. The equinox on September 23rd brings balance between light and dark. Weather changes from warmer to cooler temperatures. The expansive playful energy of summer becomes more contained and structured within the routines as work and school resume. The urge to nest and cook awakens.

For some people fall signals a time of allergies as ragweed pollen becomes prevalent. Other individuals may experience a lack of energy or changes in mood as the sun’s light fades. Flu season begins anew. Below are some aromatherapy blends to ease you through the transition.

Fall Aromatherapy Blends-

Citrus Blend- Add 3 drops wild orange, 2 drops cinnamon bark and 1 drop clove essential oil to distilled water in a cold air diffuser. This blend is uplifting, antiviral, antibacterial and stimulating.

Immune Booster- Add 1 drop rosemary, 1 drop clove, 1 drop eucalyptus, 1 drop cinnamon bark and 1 drop wild orange essential oil to distilled water in a cold air diffuser.

Balance-Fortifying Morning Shower Wash – Add 4 drops rosemary, 16 drops tangerine and 3 drops of nutmeg essential oil to a 4 ounce (120ml) darkened glass bottle of unscented liquid castile soap. Shake gently. Lather your body and rinse.

Balance-Fortifying Morning Oil – Add 4 drops rosemary, 16 drops tangerine, 3 drops nutmeg essential oil to 4 ounces (120ml) of grapeseed oil in a darkened glass bottle. Smooth over skin and pat dry.

Focused and Calm Commuting Mist- Add 4 drops peppermint, 4 drops rosemary, 16 drops grapefruit essential oil to 4 ounces (120ml) of distilled water in a darkened glass spray bottle. Shake well. Mist your personal space prior to your commute or whenever you encounter a stressful situation throughout the day.

Allergy Relief Synergy Blend- Combine 5 parts lavender, 2 parts bergamot, 1 part lemon and 1 part juniper essential oil in a dark amber glass bottle. Label the mixture. To make a part, choose a measuring device such as a drop or teaspoon to equal one part. Using parts will allow you to make a larger amount of the blend which can be stored and used later. Add to your diffuser and follow the directions. Avoid adding more than 10 drops. Diffuse 3-4 times daily for 10-15 minutes. You may also use an aroma lamp, potpourri burner or pan of hot water on the stove or radiator. This blend is anti-inflammatory, aids in purifying the air, helps to kill germs and promotes relaxation. Label the mixture.

Allergy Relief Formula

Mix 2 tablespoons (30ml) sea salt, 3 drops lavender, 1 drop rose and 1 drop geranium essential oil. Fill either a basin or tub half full with lukewarm water. Soak your feet for at least 15-20 minutes. Use at the first sign of symptoms; daily for prevention or up to 3 times a day during allergy attacks.

Clear Head Blend

Add 1 tablespoon (15ml) olive oil, 1 drop Bulgarian rose, 1 drop peppermint and 3 drops lavender essential oil to a small darkened bottle. Shake gently and label. Add a few drops to your fingertips and massage into the scalp, temples and neck area. You may also inhale the essence from your hands.


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