Imbolc  is a good time to start projects, for new beginnings and transformation, the blessing of seeds for your garden and thinking about what you really desire in your life. This Imbolc try a transformation that will affect the rest of your life. Try to transform how you think. For the next 30 days when you … Continue reading Transformation

CREATOR COURSE: “The Power Of Thought”

Circle of the Dolphins


You are responsible for everything you have brought into your life, everything you have left out of your life, and everything that you are currently intending to bring into your life.  Every single relationship, association, difficulty, failure, fear, plan, hope, and success is in your control no matter whether you have been guided there consciously or subconsciously.  Every mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual state of being that you are experiencing right now is completely under your power.  If you think not, then you are giving away your innate power to others.  Everything in your life that I have just spoken about above originated, originates, and will originate from one matter — thought.

Your thoughts harness all your power and you wield this power through your thinking.  What you think about is up to you.  Thoughts trigger every word that comes out of your mouth, every action you go forward with…

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